What is Mystery Shopping

We all see it advertised, paid XXXX $$$$ for doing this simple job. 

Sadly it's not true, on the dollars part.  It's more like pocket money, but you can make it work in the your favour.  When needing some things, like bread or beauty products  or even fuel and many more different things.  

Really a great hobby to get in to,  keep the work up with different companies and the money will trickle in each month. 

Here's some info to get you started. 

What you do is sign up with a company, they may or may not have work available in your area. But if you wait long enough, a company may come on board so you can get some work.  If you do get a job, you are given a senario to follow, along with the business address.  You follow the instructions. You then fill out the report online in detail.  Pay day varies from company to company.   You may also be asked to give a bit more detail if needed as well. Oh and the big thing you have to remember is getting a receipt/business card,  You then also need to usually take a picture of it and up load it to your report. 

There are a variety of ways a mystery shop can be done. you have actual visits, emails, phone calls. Some visits may also include more than one method of calling. Like a phone call and then a visit.   

On the visits, you can make it work in your favour. Like you may have to buy some bread, perfect loaf or 2 in the freezer,  other jobs you may get a few different senanrios to choose from.  So you could get some mosituriser, eye make up, hair products etc.  Other times you may be enquiring about a product or a car.  

Clients may change companies, they may stop the mystery shopping program all together. A many business's/companies have been doing over the 5 or so years. Favouring the reward system, to customers in filling out a survey online and getting something in return.  So some mystery shopping companies may not have many clients at times running programs.  

Some clients also need Audits done, so we get to go in and report. Audits are usually fairly easy, (well in my view they are) Some do require you to take pictures others it's tick boxes and make comments. 

I have many a good stories about mystery shopping, some bad ones as well.