28. Dec, 2018

It hot

Hello all it's been a bit to long since I actually got on here and wrote something. 

It's a hot day outside, so I'm hiding inside a bit longer. Chooks were ok an hour ago when I went to check them. Looks like the wind has died down a bit, but it's still some 41c out there. 

I've been busy doing Mystery Shopping and audits, got a new round of one lot starting in a few weeks.  

I also had a job change, with the drought the way it is getting worse and no end in sight.  I now work at another farm, working less but working more at the same time. 

I've also had a change in one of the mystery shopping companies I work for, they have sold the MS part.  So now have to register with this new mob and go thru everything again.  

I've also had my nose stuck in books reading them , re-reading quite a few. As I'm not allowed to buy more at times, got 3 big boxes full.  But I have been good and gotten rid of a lot as well. 

Must move and look at this video I have to watch.