27. Dec, 2017

Merry Christmas.

Merry christmas to everyone.  

Still being slack about keeping my site up to date,  been busy mystery shopping and attempting to ride horses. Along with kids running around the place.  My 18 month old is a busy boy, just climbed up on a chair near the table.  Little miss is grumbling about having to move things away from him. 

The start of december saw me and my partner start the juice plus program.  I am feeling better for it, sleeping better, nails are stronger. Lost a few cm's in the process.    The 2 little kids also started on it, they have 2 chews each day.  Veggie and fruit.   Little miss is one not to eat her veggies, so this has reduced the stress of trying to make her eat her veggies.  Still working on the veggie eating.   While mister 18 month, loves his food.  Then does a happy dance to get his chews.   

Check out the oppurtunities page for more information about juice plus.