15. Jul, 2017


Couldn't find the book last time I was looking for a book, knew it was somewhere in my massive book collection.  Found it the other night not where I thought it was, but on the book shelf.  It's "Heart of the Dreaming" by di morssisey.  I first read the book when I was a teenager and I think it's what started my love of romance books. I do love a good adventure in the book as well thou, not just the romance side.   I haven't read this book in a number of years, but the memories came back.  I got one of the names I use an aliais from the book, even back when the internet first started. I used the name,  I met a lovely gent  on the net. Thru a situation which thinking now should have gone to the police about, i met a gent in the uk.  so inspired by me telling him about the book, he also got it so he could understand a bit about Australia.  I lost contact with him a few years later, that's a regret I have.   I should have not given up on emails or snail mail letters.