28. Dec, 2018

Hello all it's been a bit to long since I actually got on here and wrote something. 

It's a hot day outside, so I'm hiding inside a bit longer. Chooks were ok an hour ago when I went to check them. Looks like the wind has died down a bit, but it's still some 41c out there. 

I've been busy doing Mystery Shopping and audits, got a new round of one lot starting in a few weeks.  

I also had a job change, with the drought the way it is getting worse and no end in sight.  I now work at another farm, working less but working more at the same time. 

I've also had a change in one of the mystery shopping companies I work for, they have sold the MS part.  So now have to register with this new mob and go thru everything again.  

I've also had my nose stuck in books reading them , re-reading quite a few. As I'm not allowed to buy more at times, got 3 big boxes full.  But I have been good and gotten rid of a lot as well. 

Must move and look at this video I have to watch. 

6. Aug, 2018

Well it's blowing a gale outside, so I'm hiding inside.  It feels like rain so here's hoping it does rain, we're in desperate need of some to keep the crops going.   

It's been a sorta busy year mystery shop wise, going thru busy and quite patches. Million and one questions asked, when I've not put enough details in to reports. Then you sit there and think at times, derrrr can't you see I wrote that answer. Repeated questions phased differently are more annyoing.   

Horses are going well,  I'm sorta looking forward to the show season but not at the same time. It's like the local show is a month away!!!  and I have my inlaws local the weekend before. I still have to oil the truck floor and teach a horse to travel in the truck instead.  And of course can't find the motivation!!!! 

It seems like people have very short memories at times,  it's less than 16 yrs since the drought really hit and it has't gotten any better. It's been hard on the farm, the drought never broke. Even thou the government seemed to think it did, soon as we got a bit of rain.   Only thing that has saved the area I live in is the irrgation, which currently there is not much if any for thi season.   Farmers can't just walk off the land and start over, their debts will follow them.  

I was saying to my mum on the weekend, it's not 30 yrs ago they were going on about the height of the water table.  We were learning about salinity in the ground. Not 10 yrs after that, the water table started going down and we went in to drought.  



27. Dec, 2017

Merry christmas to everyone.  

Still being slack about keeping my site up to date,  been busy mystery shopping and attempting to ride horses. Along with kids running around the place.  My 18 month old is a busy boy, just climbed up on a chair near the table.  Little miss is grumbling about having to move things away from him. 

The start of december saw me and my partner start the juice plus program.  I am feeling better for it, sleeping better, nails are stronger. Lost a few cm's in the process.    The 2 little kids also started on it, they have 2 chews each day.  Veggie and fruit.   Little miss is one not to eat her veggies, so this has reduced the stress of trying to make her eat her veggies.  Still working on the veggie eating.   While mister 18 month, loves his food.  Then does a happy dance to get his chews.   

Check out the oppurtunities page for more information about juice plus. 

5. Dec, 2017

Sorry once again it's been a while between posts.  Fist was out busy competing and now have finally finished the first half of the season. So the horses are on holiday for a few weeks, did have plans for working 2 of the others. But it's not happening quick, first it was a heap of mystery shopping audits then the weather played havoc.  Thankfully the rain was not as bad is it was made out it was going to be.  So now I have a mystery shop a few hours from home tomorrow, paying good travel.   

Must move and look at the paper work for tomorrow. 

12. Oct, 2017

Whoops bit long between posts.  

End of August I lost a good mystery shopping friend, rather unexpectedly.  She left a big gap in our forum, always one to lend a hand and suggest something.   It made me glad I got to meet her in person last year.   

Agri shows have been in full swing with us competing and doing well at the events.  Little miss is now off preschool for the day, has a swollen face and we've no idea why.  Can't think of anything shes had to cause it that is different.  

Finally got some rain last night,  not had any in awhile.  So it's very dry and crops are not looking good here. 


must move and get dressed.  Gota go work horses as well.  have a good day ox