27. Dec, 2017

Merry christmas to everyone.  

Still being slack about keeping my site up to date,  been busy mystery shopping and attempting to ride horses. Along with kids running around the place.  My 18 month old is a busy boy, just climbed up on a chair near the table.  Little miss is grumbling about having to move things away from him. 

The start of december saw me and my partner start the juice plus program.  I am feeling better for it, sleeping better, nails are stronger. Lost a few cm's in the process.    The 2 little kids also started on it, they have 2 chews each day.  Veggie and fruit.   Little miss is one not to eat her veggies, so this has reduced the stress of trying to make her eat her veggies.  Still working on the veggie eating.   While mister 18 month, loves his food.  Then does a happy dance to get his chews.   

Check out the oppurtunities page for more information about juice plus. 

5. Dec, 2017

Sorry once again it's been a while between posts.  Fist was out busy competing and now have finally finished the first half of the season. So the horses are on holiday for a few weeks, did have plans for working 2 of the others. But it's not happening quick, first it was a heap of mystery shopping audits then the weather played havoc.  Thankfully the rain was not as bad is it was made out it was going to be.  So now I have a mystery shop a few hours from home tomorrow, paying good travel.   

Must move and look at the paper work for tomorrow. 

12. Oct, 2017

Whoops bit long between posts.  

End of August I lost a good mystery shopping friend, rather unexpectedly.  She left a big gap in our forum, always one to lend a hand and suggest something.   It made me glad I got to meet her in person last year.   

Agri shows have been in full swing with us competing and doing well at the events.  Little miss is now off preschool for the day, has a swollen face and we've no idea why.  Can't think of anything shes had to cause it that is different.  

Finally got some rain last night,  not had any in awhile.  So it's very dry and crops are not looking good here. 


must move and get dressed.  Gota go work horses as well.  have a good day ox

12. Aug, 2017

yippeee!!! Its the last game of footy for the season, the team has not made the finals  I have a child sitting on my knee, testing everything out.  Least the boys will be finishing on a win currently with a quarter to go. 

Float came up really good after we attacked it last week. Also no more rain, so got to ride the horses more. 

5. Aug, 2017

Last minute decision to take a trip away last night, to get my new internet device and then the stuff to fix the horsefloat. So we spent this morning pulling the sides off the float, making a general mess as well. but we got it done, now to get everything cut to size and in.  3 different types of rubber will be on the floor, showing the different bits we're fixed over the years.  Then my truck will also get fixed this week as well.   

Any way must move and go make it look like I'm doing something useful.